Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greener Lifestyles in Glad Living

Embracing a greener lifestyle does not have to be difficult or expensive, for the most part. Some greener choices have heftier price tags initially than others have, but most pay for themselves within 6 to 12 months, and then begin accumulating savings for you. Greener living also does not mean you have to deprive yourself or your family of the things that make your life glad. Greener glad living means finding ways for you, and your family and friends, to participate in protecting the environment while also creating comfortable and efficient living environments, and lives filled with exciting experiences for the greatest in glad living. There is an extensive list of choices available to you for consideration in adopting a greener lifestyle that you can feel good and glad about having decided to give to yourself, family, friends, and to the planet.

We will be exploring a number of greener alternatives to help you make your glad life-greener. Covering topics like greener choices in foods and for family, home, fitness, health, car, yard, work, pets, shopping, travel, community, and much more.

Since May 1 is nary a day away now, this gives me the perfect opportunity to suggest a few green tips for spring cleaning your home and getting ready for the heat of summer.

☼This is a good time to change out a dirty furnace filter for a clean one. Consider furnace filters with 3M technology to help reduce the amount of allergens in the air circulated throughout your home.

☼ Install a digital thermostat in your home so that you can easily adjust to lower heating and cooling settings when you are away from home or while sleeping.

☼ Go around your home, checking door and window seals to ensure that they are still in good working order. Fix any breeches in the tight sealing of these that may have occurred over winter. You need these to be in great shape and working to keep hotter summer temperatures out, and to reduce placing strain and forcing increased energy consumption to keep your home cool, on your cooling system

☼ Next get out the screens for the windows in your home and inspect them for holes or tears, and hose them off before placing them in windows. With screens in your windows, you can take advantage of cooler evening temperatures to cool your home and use your air conditioner unit less often, which cuts your homes energy usage, and saves you money.

☼ Replace filament light bulbs with florescent light bulbs and Led technology lighting, that although costing a little more, do consume much less energy while providing sufficient lighting for inside and outside the home.*Turn off lights when you leave a room and shut off and unplug other power devices whenever they are not in use to decrease energy usage.

☼Purchase inexpensive shelves, bins, racks, storage containers, and other products for organizing and storing made from renewable, enviro-friendly materials, to help you keep your home tidy.

☼help decrease the wasting of water in your home by installing flow-control devices on showerheads, inside toilet tanks, and on all the faucets in your home to eliminate, using and wasting more water than is necessary.

☼Gat three boxes and mark them as Keep, Donate, and Trash. Then go through your home, one room at a time to simplify the organizing and cleaning of a room, and place items that you find in one of the three boxes. *Check the box marked for “trash” before tossing anything away, as the items it holds may be recyclable or better donated to someone who may be able to use them. **Your “keep” box may be holding onto electronic, battery and voltage powered things that no longer work, or are not as energy efficient as they used to be or could be. Unless they have sentimental value to you, consider donating them to worthwhile charitable organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, and purchasing newer, more energy efficient models.

☼When it comes to using cleaning agents to clean your home, choose those that are less harmful to the environment and to the health of you and your family.

☼ Try buying more of the packaged foods you and your family consumes in packaging that can be recycled, or in smaller boxes and sacks packaged with materials that cannot be recycled, for less waste ending up in your garbage can.

Okay, these tips should give you a nice start on sprucing up your home in anticipation of summer, and a helpful beginning to living greener. I wish you well on your journey to a greener state of glad living.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

US Swine Flu Cases Increase

Reports about the outbreaks of the Swine Flu virus in humans that first started in Mexico, but have now also traveled to the United States has dominated the news lately. Leaders and health officials from around the world are paying close attention to this serious health threat, hoping it will not continue its spread across the globe. The swine influenza virus or swine flu typically only affects pigs; however, this is not the first time that this virus has passed from animals to humans, and then human to human, although there have never been as many cases as there have been confirmed so far.

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control are at this time still advising people NOT to panic as confirmed cases of swine flu infections have not yet reached the numbers that would point to a pandemic level. They do recommend that people take precautions to protect themselves from a swine flu infection. Washing your hands frequently and avoiding close contact with people who are coughing or showing other possible symptoms of the swine flu, can help protect you from catching this serious infection. Anyone feeling flu-like symptoms like coughing, chest congestion, fever, and nausea, fatigue, and body aches should see their doctor immediately for testing to see if they have the swine flu virus. Infected persons should stay home from work and school so that they do not pass this infection on to others.

People do need to know that swine flu is highly treatable and rarely do people with otherwise healthy and non-compromised immune systems, die from this infectious disease. You cannot catch swine flu from cooking or eating pork. High cooking temperatures kills bacteria that cause can illness present on raw foods. Use the same precautions for safety in handling pork as you do with any other raw meats.

I hope that in the next 10 days, this infectious disease will have run its course and will no longer be the large-scale threat to human health that it is right now.

Stay Healthy Everybody!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Stop for Water Presents Opportunity for Kindness

Yesterday, another opportunity to do something kind for someone else presented itself to me. I was thirsty so I stopped at one of the convenience stores in town on my way home to get myself some bottled water. In front of me at the register was an older woman asking the clerk for directions to Lowe’s (a home remodeling supplies and appliance store.) This store is located on the northwest side of our city, and several miles away from the convenience store. As the cashier began giving directions to the other store to her, the woman asked him to write them down. This man speaks English better than he writes it apparently, as he asked me to write down the directions for her instead. Actually, it sounded more like a demand than a request for my help as he said, “You do this, you can do this” to me, but lets not split hairs here.

The clerk then turned his attention elsewhere so I began writing down the names of the streets and the directional path this lady needed to take to get to Lowe’s, while explaining each to her as I wrote them. Midway through this she asks me if I am going that way and could show her where it was. In truth, I was headed in the opposite direction, but looking at her flustered face, how could I not make the choice to drive there anyways with her following behind in her vehicle? That is exactly what I did and although it was several miles out of my way, it was so worth it to see the relaxed smile on her face when we both pulled into the Lowe’s parking lot.

I asked her if she would be able to get back home from the location that we were now at after finishing her shopping. I was willing to wait and lead her back to a roadway that she was familiar with so she would not get lost. She told me that she was confident she could find her way home from this place, and thanked me for helping her to find the store. I left then, with a very good feeling inside because, even though this was certainly not a huge thing that I had done, (driving 5 miles there and then 5 miles back to my originating point, to then head on home) I had offered kindness and help to this lady that I did not know.

Yesterday was a great day for me with many blessings. The opportunity to be kind and helpful to another was one of them and I wanted to share that experience with my readers. Thank you for taking the time to read this and other posts in this blog. As always, you are encouraged to share your comments with us, on this and anything else you see posted here in this blog.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Block Walk Challenge

The Block Walk Challenge kicks your metabolism into high gear before you sit down to meals, and keeps your fat burning machine running full-throttle after meals as well. Try it and see how much it may help you to lose weight, to maintain a healthy weight once you have reached your desired weight, and help you to improve your fitness and health levels.

How does it work? It is simple really. Before we get to that however, a little note about beginning to exercise when you have been living a mostly sedentary lifestyle. You should get a checkup with your doctor to ensure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions that would make exercising, even on a beginner’s level, unsafe for you. Very few of us have such conditions that would prevent us from exercising safely, but checking with your doctor first, is a good idea.

For many of us it is our thinking and motivation levels, which can keep us from getting the amount of exercise we need for good health and fitness. Some may even groan at the mere thought of exercising, even just a little bit, before each meal, let alone afterwards too. The Block Walk Challenge provides you with a new way to view exercising for fitness and health. It can also help you build the motivation to continue challenging your metabolism to be the hard-working fat-eliminating machine it is supposed to be.

You may not always be in the mood for exercising when you cannot see what, if any, immediate rewards for your efforts there may be. Challenge yourself to think about it in this new way. One reward you will receive for exercising for a few minutes or more now, is a meal (hopefully one that is healthy) to sit down to and eat guilt-free, because you completed the first of the two legs involved in the Block Walk Challenge. Another reward is to know that your body is prepped to fight the fat you are about to consume, so that it has less chance of ending up being stored in your body. Most of us have more than enough fat stores already in our bodies. Extra fat that our bodies do not need, leads to weight gain and serious health issues.

The second leg of the Block Walk Challenge takes place after you have eaten your meal. It helps your body to digest meals quicker and more efficiently. This post meal-metabolism boost helps your body neutralize fat it does not need, and to send that fat to your colon for elimination from your body. People often say, “I am burning the candle at both ends,” to express how hard they are working. This usually means that a person is working himself or herself too hard, and this is not good for anyone. Burning fat at both ends of a meal is a good thing for you and everyone in your family.

Block Walk Challenge-Leg One-Before Meals
• Walk the block around your neighborhood several times before each meal. You may only make it around once or even only halfway around the block the first few times. That is okay. It is about getting yourself moving to spark the fire in your metabolism, rather than the number of times you can walk around the block initially.

• Adopt a straight posture and steady walking pace, but you do not need to make yourself breathless in order to charge up your metabolism.

•The goal is to increase your block walking before meals over time, so that your metabolism does not become complacent about burning fat at a high rate. Ideally, you should walk the block for about 15 minutes. Start with whatever feels most comfortable to you.

•Remember to keep yourself well hydrated during your block walk by drinking water.

•Drinking a glass of water before eating meals helps your body to feel fuller on smaller meals.

•Enjoy eating your meal guilt Free (unless you have chosen junk food, which only defeats the purpose of the block walk challenge and your efforts.)

Block Walk Challenge-Leg Two-After Meals

•Head outside for more block walking

•Keep your posture straight and pump your arms as you walk at a good click.

•Keep walking for 20 minutes to an hour. It is okay to walk for a shorter amount of time in the beginning, and gradually extend your walking times as your body builds strength and stamina.

• Drink water for proper hydration while walking

•Congratulations! You have just completed the Block Walk Challenge for a super fat-burning metabolism and better fitness and health.

You can walk several blocks if walking around only one seems boring to you. What if you live out in the country with no block to walk around? Walk (safely)along a stretch of road that has minimal traffic, the equivalent of a city block, however many times you can, or walk down your driveway and back several times, or back and forth across your yard.

*When inclement weather prohibits you from walking outdoors, walk around or jog in place indoors to rev up your metabolism.

Should you choose to take the Block Walk Challenge, I sure would enjoy reading about what you have gained from the experience here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Success Formula for Better Living

The warmer temperatures of spring have definitely arrived (in most regions of the country anyway.) Have your New Years resolutions to eat healthier and work on getting in shape, stop smoking, reduce your stress level, re-connect with old friends, etc, fallen by the wayside? You are not alone. Many people traditionally make these and other resolutions for achieving better health and lives for themselves on New Years Eve, only to abandon the pursuit of them within a couple of months.

While setting a date to begin making the changes you need to for better health and a better life is important. You need much more than just a start date, if lasting changes that really do help you to be healthier and happier in your life, are to happen. Picking a date such as New Years, because so many other people do, without having a clear picture of the changes you want to make and why you want to make them, is why such resolutions so often fail.

You need to know what you would like to change in your life, why you think you need to change them, and what you hope to gain by making changes in your life. It would be a good idea to write all of this down on paper. This can help you to focus on goals you would like to achieve, and can be used as your mission statement, to reference whenever you feel your motivation waning.

Set reasonable goals that you have a better chance of achieving than unrealistic goals that almost nobody can ever reach. Decide what steps you will need to take in order to complete your goals. Break bigger or long-off goals into smaller segments. That way, you will have various points or steps to completing goals that you can check off when you get to them, and this will give you a sense of achievement even with goals that may take several years to attain. It is amazing how “little successes” within large goals, can help you in staying motivated to continue working towards meeting even the biggest of goals.

Allow yourself the time needed for fully considering any changes that you might want to make in your life. Ask yourself why you think you need to make these changes, and what you believe or hope will be the end- result of any changes that you choose to make. Set reachable goals, with the steps needed to reach them outlined in each goal. Create multiple junctures inside bigger goals in which you can arrive at and feel that you are accomplishing the reaching of your goals, even when the end goal seems so far off in the distance. Select a date for beginning that you can set your own mind to, and not one connected to the enthusiasm and hype of holidays, and the mass resolution making that rarely sticks around for more than a few weeks or months.

Now you have a formula for success in reaching whatever goals you have for better health and living. I wish you all loads of glad living in your lives!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Baked sweet potato fries are a healthy and scrumptious alternative to potato slices fried in artery-clogging unhealthy hydrogenated oils. You know those French fried potatoes so many of us like so much, even though they are not good for us. You may never want regular fries again after tasting these delicious and simple to make healthy baked fries.

What you will need

Non-stick cookie or baking sheet
2 large sweet potatoes
1 Tsp. Cumin
1 Tsp. Nutmeg
1 Tbsp. Olive or Coconut oil
Black Pepper


Pre-heat oven at 400◦
Peel sweet potatoes and slice into thin strips or wedges.
Mix cumin, nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste, and olive or coconut oil, together in a shallow dish.
Dip each sweet potato strip or wedge into this mixture making sure to coat both sides well.
Place coated strips or wedges in a single layer, not letting them touch each other, on a cookie or baking sheet.
Place cooking sheet in oven for 15-20 minutes.
* You will need to keep a close eye on these as they bake (they can burn easily) and turn potatoes over once, while baking.
Remove baked sweet potato fries from oven and allow them to cool for a few minutes before serving. Makes 2 servings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dimensions of Existence

We (you & me) are not one-dimensional beings. Each of us is a unique multi-dimensional energy. I believe that our energies live on forever, yet in different forms. On earth, our energies are required to dwell within a physical body. When we journey forward from living life here, we leave behind our bodies, as they are only necessary for living on earth. (Some people believe that once their life on earth has ended so too does the energy they were while living. I will never take away anyone’s right to believe as they choose. Neither is it my wish to offend anyone believing differently on this matter. I am sharing my personal viewpoint here in the hopes someone might gain something from it. If you do not share the same opinion, or philosophy as me, that is okay, you do not have to adopt mine. One of the best things about people is the diversity in opinions, beliefs, philosophies, and perspectives that we each have. Feel free to share yours with our community whenever you have something to add to a topic or discussion here.)

Our individual energy is our “person” who we are, how we think and feel, and how we react and experience life around us. On earth, we have a physical dimension to us because we reside within bodies. In order to be able to fully experience and find satisfaction in our physical selves, our physical health needs to be in peak condition. Another dimension that each of us has is a dimension of emotion and personality. We need to nourish these to keep them healthy and gaining everything possible for us, from the lives we live here on earth. I believe that we all have a spiritual dimension to us as well. In my opinion, it is from the center of our spiritual dimensions that our emotional and physical dimensions can flourish or flounder. Spirituality means different things to different people. To me it means having a deep and strong connection with the God of my understanding, my inner-self, my brothers and sisters of humanity, and with nature, animals, and the world around me. I feel strongly that continuing to improve these connections, strengthens my spirit, and my ability to live a truly glad life on earth. I also feel that this will prepare me for the journeys that lay ahead in other realms of living as an everlasting energy.

I am going to be sharing all sorts of information, personal insights, and resources that I think might be useful in helping us all to improve and maintain health in all the dimensions that I believe our energies to have. You can find them filed under the categories of body, brain, spirit. and 3-dimensional health (when the subject matter pertains to all three of these dimensions.) I invite others to share what they know or have learned, about improving and keeping all these dimensions to us healthy, for the best in glad living.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Note About Tips for Simple Living Widget

Hey Folks,

The "Tips on simple living" widget has some really great tips, check them out. It is located on the left side of the main blog page, midway down the page. To see a new tip, simply hit your "refresh" button.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Giving to Others...Gives Back to You

Giving to others really does give much back to you. Just a little while ago, an opportunity to “give” of a little bit of my time and my sincere caring for another came about while reading an RSS feed from another blog, that I am quite fond of and check almost daily. The author of that blog shared with readers that one of her children had unfortunately experienced the loss of a beloved pet rat this morning.

Having loved and lost my share of animal companions over the years. I know how attached we become, and how much it can hurt when their time on earth ends.

I do not know this family and that really does not matter. We can all help and give to family, friends, neighbors, and even people who are, and that may always remain strangers to us.

I decided that I wanted to convey words of comfort to the child and his or her family on the loss of their much-loved pet, in a more personal way than leaving those words in the comments box section of the blog.

It hit me that an e-card would be a great way to deliver a message of caring to them. I chose a sweet one with flowers and music, and that included a very nice sentiment, to which I added my own words in the message box provided, as well. It only took me a few minutes to find, personalize, and send an e-card to let them know that someone they do not know, cares.

What has such a simple act of kindness given back to me? I feel good about reaching out and offering caring and comforting words to a family who faces are unknown to me at this time. Who ever knows when or if the life paths of others may meet up with our own path in this life, or the one after that? The good feeling I got from doing this has also picked up my mood, which was wavering towards the doldrums earlier, with several writing projects on my plate today.

For me, giving to others always gives a lot back to me. I try not to let any opportunity to help others in a meaningful way whenever I can, slip away. I do this because the benefits for those that I can help and for me are just too great to pass up.

If you have stories of random or other acts of kindness that you would like to share with community members, please feel free to do so using the link to the comments section, located at the bottom and to the right of this post.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Newest Reba McEntire Release

I am a mega Reba fan and proud of it! Along with her amazing voice and phenomenal talents in music, TV, Broadway, as an author, and clothing, shoe, luggage, and home decor designer, she possesses many qualities that I admire. You can expect plenty of future posts from me about Reba, the lady is "A Queen in a league all her own"

Reba Fans waited eagerly for Reba's first single since making the move to Valory Music Co, and she certainly did not disappoint her legions of fans with this country rockin' and poppin' tune. It is certain to be her next #1 hit. I Love IT! It is a song about when you think love is gonna last forever and it doesn't, in that moment you think it is the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Sleep on it though. You just might find that this horrible moment has crept away in the middle-of-the-night, letting you awaken feeling strangely okay, and ready to get on with living.

Give it a listen using the bandbox provided to fans by Reba's Official website, before getting your full copy of Reba's New Single: Strange

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Wishing Well

Cast your wish here in the wishing well. You never know when someone may come along with the ability and generosity of heart to be able to help make your wish come true.

My wish is for a digital camera. Pictures will add more dimensions to the articles I write. For over a year now, I have had a digital camera on my personal wish list. However, the bills of necessity such as electricity, water, and phone, keeps pushing the fulfillment of this wish further away from me.

If you can help make my wish come true, please email me: with Julie-digital camera: in the subject line Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to offer me. Even links to some really cheap, yet quality digital cameras that may be more affordable to me would be helpful and appreciated.

UPDATE: 5-31-09 Many thanks to my brother Jim because it it though his extreme generosity that I now have a new digital camera! Thanks Bro-Say Cheeeeeeeeeese!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Day In Brief

I have had an ongoing case of the “chills” since late this afternoon. I am hoping it does not turn into full-blown sick. It is very easy to pick up a cold or flu bug when spring arrives, yet there are still days when a winter chill is in the air.

I allowed myself to take a nap earlier this evening. Perhaps the added rest will boost my immune system enough to fight any germs that may be trying their best to make me sick.

I have a portable heater pushing out some heat near my feet, so all is good.

I probably will not be able to fall asleep at 2:00 am. (My usual bedtime,) since I napped for an hour tonight. That is just fine by me.

I have some articles for a client that I can work on even though they are not due until the 12th.

I hope that everyone had an extraordinary day and that they were able to find moments of “glad” in living today.

I bid you all ‘adieu’ for now, as I am heading over to Word to start writing articles on pets and pet medicines, occasions for personalized stationary, and ottomans and other home furnishings.

Wishes You Glad Living!

Power of Prayer Thread

I firmly believe in the power of prayer. Prayers lifted up on behalf of others also holds much power. If you would like for Glad Living community members to lift up a prayer for you, please use the comment box to let us know your prayer request.

Many Blessings to You and Yours

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Day In Brief

Oh man! When you least expect it is exactly when the unexpected happens. My father who wintered in Florida arrived back to his home here only a couple of hours ago now. So I was driving by and saw that he had returned, and so I stopped to help him and his galpal unload their vehicle. After being completely "slobbered" over by Moe (a male St. Bernard belonging to my Father) I carry several bags into the house and my Father decides to turn the water back on as it had been turned off when the house was winterized in December for the season. Suddenly I hear water running in the living room and there should not be sounds like that coming from that room. I run in and water is just pouring from the ceiling onto the furniture, knickknacks, and onto the carpet! I yelled for him to turn the water off (he is either hard of hearing or has selective hearing, not sure which) He heard me and turned the water off. However, due to a broken pipe above, the ceiling was full of water and continued raining copious amounts of water down on everything in the room including me. I ran to other rooms and back grabbing as many trashcans, pots, pans, and anything possible to catch the water. I figured that would mean a little less water damage to deal with later.
I thought the water would never cease falling all over and damaging everything in the room. It has now stopped and My Father is awaiting the arrival of the plumber to start on fixing this mess!
Some welcome home for my Father. As frustrating as having such an incidence occur is, I wish my Father could find enough balance in his life that he would not let things get to him the way they do. Of course, since he does, his impulse is to react negatively to anyone with the misfortune to be in his presence at the time. Luckily, I have found balance in my life. Therefore, I no longer allow his descent into "the crazies" drag me down into the murkiness with him. I remained calm and made no offer of argument over his blaming me for the broken pipe. I was merely his closest target to vent his anger out on. Without me, adding fuel to the fire by defending myself and arguing back with him like I used to, he eventually wore himself out and his tirade ended.
I hugged him, told him I was sorry this has happened, and reminded him that it was all fixable,and that "crap" happens. I finished with an "I love you" and Hannah Lilly (my pooch) and I headed on to our house.
That is where I am right now as I am writing this post from my home office. I will call my Father in awhile and see if the plumber is there and how things are progressing.
I spent the morning writing articles for clients. I am hoping for an uneventful and relaxing evening. However, if my Father needs help with any clean up: I will head back to his place this evening.
Share what you did today.

Name the Glad in Your Life

Who are the people, where are the places, and what are the things that give you “Glad” in your life?

☺My Mom and other family members, as well as close friends, certainly hold a great significant to me in my life.
☺My faith is a source for foundation, comfort, serenity, and direction in my life.
☺My doggie, Hannah Lilly, is my best animal companion, and her company, personality, and quirks are endearing and often the source of much laughter for me.
☺Helping others in a meaningful way whenever possible is important to me. In my formula for glad living, giving to others is a top priority.
☺Expressing myself through writing has been an enjoyable pursuit that has benefited me in a myriad of ways since my youth.
☺Music can lift my spirits. I sing along with the radio in my truck and dance to tunes I really dig at home (as long as I am by myself that is. LOL) I have an appreciation of most genres of music, however, classic rock, country, and gospel are my favorites.
☺Various forms of art touch me. I am especially fond of art depicting angels or mountains, or lighthouses or ocean views.
☺The Ocean is a place I go when I need to recharge myself. The scents, sounds, and feel of beach sand and the water rushing over my feet make me very happy indeed.
☺Traveling to new places and having new experiences has always added to my enjoyment of living. Nashville, TN, Niagara Falls, NY, Branson, MO, Cherokee, NC, and Central Florida are a few of the places that I have been and still have wonderful memories of and plans to revisit.
☺Sunrises, sunsets, and looking up into a star-filled night sky, remind me of how phenomenal the universe and my very being are.
☺Hanging out in my PJ’s all day is fun.
☺Eating favorite foods sometimes without worrying about calorie or carb counts, or fat content is a good thing to me.
☺Having a hearty laugh, whether with a friend or alone while watching a comedy, provides a lot of glad in my life.

These are just some of the people, places, and things that give me great amounts of glad in my life. Please share with us in this thread: Who, what, and where’s that give you glad in your life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

God Is and That Makes Me Glad

Always and Forever Remember This...
...GOD IS...
Because He Is
I Can Be
When My Time On Earth
Has Come Full Circle
And I Stand Before My Maker
With a Humbled Heart and Gratitude for His Mercy
I Want My Truth to Be
...God: Because You Are, I Could Be...
I Tried
I Stumbled at Times
I Regained My Footing
I Walked On Comforted By Your Light
Standing Now In Your Loving Presence
...I Believe...I Am...
Julie, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Glad Living

Hello and Welcome:

However it is that you have come across Glad Living, I am happy you are here. I hope you will have a look around and share your comments with the wonderful and glad-living community here. I will be updating this blog regularly with the tools I believe are essential for glad living. These are my personal opinions and you may or may not always agree with them, however, please know that I offer them with a genuine heart, not wishing to offend anyone. I invite you to comment on anything you read here, and to share your thoughts and opinions on glad living with us. In that way, we can enlighten and encourage one another so that we all may grow in our efforts to live a life we can be glad for having lived, when it is time to advance forward into our next journey.

Serenity and Balance are Achievable!